Clifford STRIDE (1921-2012)


Clifford S STRIDE, 1952?, age 31


Spouse: Yolande Bernadette Marie CADOUX, 1938?, age 16

1. Clifford S STRIDE, son of Herebert Lewis STRIDE (1895-1982) and Helena Elizabeth BENNETT (1895-1982?), was born on 26 December 1921 in Paddington, London. He married Yolande Bernadette Marie CADOUX Q3 1945 in Croydon, Surrey, England. Between 1980 and 2000 he was a Vicar in Hardham, West Sussex. He had the title 'Reverend'. He died of Pneumonia on 23 March 2012 in Worthing Hospital aged 90.


Yolande Bernadette Marie CADOUX, daughter of Bernard Temple CADOUX (1886-1956) and Marguerite Marie Elise Nathalie DE HOCHEPIED (1892-1979), was born on 9 March 1922 in Tonbridge, Kent. She in 1922 travelled in USA. She died on 28 December 2001 in West Sussex, England. She and Clifford S STRIDE had the following children:


Stephen Bernard STRIDE (1952-1993). Stephen was born on 5 June 1952 in Croydon. He was Mormon. He was a Mormon Church Researcher. He died of Lukemia on 19 February 1993 in Exeter, Devon, England. He was buried after 22 February 1993 in Exeter.

Second Generation

2. Herebert Lewis STRIDE, son of Herbert Arthur STRIDE and Gertrude Emily Georgina DRIEU-YON, was born Q2 1895 in Marlborough, Wiltshire. He married Helena Elizabeth BENNETT Q4 1917 in Paddington, London. He died Q3 1982 in Okehampton, Devon.


3. Helena Elizabeth BENNETT, daughter of George BENNETT and Mary BENGREY, was born Q4 1895 in Llandilofawr, Carmarthenshire. She died in 1982 (approx.) in Okehampton. She and Herebert Lewis STRIDE had the following children:



Clifford S STRIDE (1921-2012)

Margaret STRIDE (1929-1931). Margaret was born Q4 1929 in Croydon, Surrey, England. She died Q4 1931 in Croydon.

Third Generation

4. Herbert Arthur STRIDE, son of Heribert STRIDE and Anne LEWIS, was born Q1 1867 in Andover, Hampshire. He was a Coach Builder. He married Gertrude Emily Georgina DRIEU-YON Q3 1892 in Southwark, London. He died Q4 1946 in Kensignton, London.


5. Gertrude Emily Georgina DRIEU-YON, daughter of Jon YON and Heloise P DRIEU, was born Q2 1854 in Southampton, Hampshire. She died Q2 1944 in Fulham, London. She and Herbert Arthur STRIDE had the following children:


Oscar Gilson STRIDE (1894?- ). Oscar was born in 1894 (approx.) in Marlborough, Wiltshire. He married Edith E WYATT Q1 1916 in Marylebone, London.


Herebert Lewis STRIDE (1895-1982)

Theodore Arthur STRIDE (1897?-1998?). Theodore was born in 1897 (approx.) in Marlborough. He died in 1998 (approx.).

Adelaide May STRIDE (1899?-1977?). Adelaide was born in 1899 (approx.) in Andover. She married Steven Joseph ACKERMAN Q3 1916 in Paddington. She died in 1977 (approx.) in Waltham Forest, Essex.


6. George BENNETT, son of Joseph BENNETT and Elizabeth WEAVER, was born in 1864 (approx.) in Ashford, Shropshire. He married Mary BENGREY Q3 1889 in Ludlow, Shropshire. He died in 1930 (estimated).


7. Mary BENGREY, daughter of Samuel BENGREY and Ellen HAYWAY, was born Q2 1866 in Ludlow. She died Q2 1953 in Ludlow. She and George BENNETT had the following children:


Edith M BENNETT (1891?- ). Edith was born in 1891 (approx.) in Llandilo, Carmarthenshire.

Ernest J BENNETT (1892?- ). Ernest was born in 1892 (approx.) in Llandilo.

Hedley BENNETT (1894?- ). Hedley was born in 1894 (approx.) in Llandilo.


Helena Elizabeth BENNETT (1895-1982?)

Lillian M BENNETT (1897?- ). Lillian was born in 1897 (approx.) in Llandilo.

Stanley G BENNETT (1900?- ). Stanley was born in 1900 (approx.) in Llandilo.

Fourth Generation

8. Heribert STRIDE, son of Thomas STRIDE and Eleanor BEAUCHAMP, was born in 1828 (approx.) in Beaulieu, Hampshire. He married Anne LEWIS Q1 1849 in Lymington, Hampshire. In 1881 he was a Coach Builder in Andover, Hampshire. aged 54. He died Q1 1897 in Andover.


9. Anne LEWIS was born in 1828 (approx.) in Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire. She died Q2 1897 in Andover. She and Heribert STRIDE had the following children:



Herbert Arthur STRIDE (1867-1946)


10. Jon YON was born in 1811 (approx.) in Normandy, France. Between 1841 and 1877 he was a Jeweller in Southampton, Hampshire. He married Heloise P DRIEU in 1841 (approx.) in Southampton. He died in 1877 (approx.) in Southampton.


11. Heloise P DRIEU was born in 1825 (approx.) in Calvados, Normandy, France. She died in 1893 (approx.) in Marlborough, Wiltshire. She and Jon YON had the following children:


John George Drieu YON (1842- ). John was born on 10 August 1842 in Southampton.

Rachel Elizabeth Helois YON (1843- ). Rachel was born on 20 September 1843 in Southampton.

Oscar George Edward louis YON (1845- ). Oscar was born on 19 September 1845 in Southampton.

Hortense Clementine YON (1848- ). Hortense was born on 5 January 1848 in Southampton.

Blanche Frances YON (1849?- ). Blanche was born in 1849 (approx.) in Southampton.


Gertrude Emily Georgina DRIEU-YON (1854-1944)

Matilda Bertha YON (1856?- ). Matilda was born in 1856 (approx.) in Southampton.


12. Joseph BENNETT was born in 1821 (approx.) in Hereford, Herefordshire. uk. He married Elizabeth WEAVER Q2 1857 in Ludlow, Shropshire. He died in 1883 (approx.) in Ludlow.


13. Elizabeth WEAVER was born in 1831 (approx.) in Leiniwardine, Herefordshire. uk. She and Joseph BENNETT had the following children:


William BENNETT (1860?- ). William was born in 1860 (approx.) in Hereford.


George BENNETT (1864?-1930?)

Joseph BENNETT (1867?- ). Joseph was born in 1867 (approx.) in Ashford, Shropshire.

James BENNETT (1869?- ). James was born in 1869 (approx.) in Ashford.

Mary Jane BENNETT (1872?- ). Mary was born in 1872 (approx.) in Ashford.


14. Samuel BENGREY was born in 1833 (approx.) in Cold Weston, Shropshire. He married Ellen HAYWAY on 29 December 1853 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, UK. He died in 1913 (approx.) in Ludlow.


15. Ellen HAYWAY was born in 1833 (approx.) in Stanton Lacy, Shropshire. She died in 1908 (approx.) in Ludlow. She and Samuel BENGREY had the following children:



Mary BENGREY (1866-1953)

Fifth Generation

16. Thomas STRIDE was born in 1796 (approx.). He died Q3 1858 in Sheppey, Kent. He married Eleanor BEAUCHAMP.


17. Eleanor BEAUCHAMP was born in 1800 (estimated). She died Q1 1853 in Sheppey. She and Thomas STRIDE had the following children:



Heribert STRIDE (1828?-1897)