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There are many family and travel photos to see, feel free to browse, but remember all the pictures are copyright.

However if you would like a copy of the original glass plate/negative/positive or slide, then please contact me with the link above, no harm in asking!

A lot of the pictures don't have a description as yet but over time and with more information I'll update as and when, thanks for your patience.

All of the pictures above are from to the left, the Kidd Family archive & to the right, from the travels of Bernard Temple Cadoux in the Levant. More of these can be viewed on the Kidd & Cadoux Family pages.
Or just click here for Old Photos

All the certificates on the download page are free to copy for personal use only, all I ask is some information/pictures or copies of certificates in return, failing that you could make a donation on that page.

Since originally starting on this trip about 40 years ago, I've added to my web pages quite a lot, However I've also found an increasing need to add extra bits in their own categories, certainly since I aquired a step family some years ago. So now please find relevant families, ie, Kidds, Strides, Cadouxs and de Hochepieds on their own webpages now.

There are lots of family pictures and some history to see, certainly on the Cadoux and de Hochepieds pages, however all of the Stride and Cadoux family pictures will be password protected for viewing by family members only I'm afraid.

As a service to others, I can also undertake searches, photograph people and places or even video if required all at a rate sufficient to cover my expenses. So please contact me with your request.