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Bernard T Cadoux MBE 1887-1956

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There are many photos to view, especially of Herbert and Bernard Cadoux's remarkable 3-400 odd glass plates of their travels in the Levant (middle east), Georgia and South Africa between about 1888-1920.

I'm going to describe Bernard Cadoux 1887-1956 here, as he is the direct ancestor to the family I previously married into, however many of his siblings and parents I'm sure would be worthy of a page in themselves, indeed books have been written elsewhere by and about Dr Cecil John Cadoux, the famous theologian and Bernards elder brother, there is even a link through a great aunt to Admiral Lord Nelson, but you can see all these links and the rest of the family tree as I know it in the picture links below.

Bernard Temple Cadoux was born in Croydon in 1887 unlike most off his siblings who were born in Smyrna, Anatolia, part of the Old Ottoman Empire and now Izmir, Turkey and was the last of his parents 11 children. He grew up to be an accountant, traveller and a bit of an adventurer in the same firm as his father, William Henry Cadoux, and elder brother, Herbert William Cadoux, of MacAndrews & Forbes of New York, London and Smyrna, importers of liquorice root and extract from the levantine. He served the company in mainly in the middle east and London, subsequently becoming Principal Director of the London office after their local offices in Smyrna were destroyed in the great fire of 1922.

During the first world war Bernard Cadoux served with distinction as a 2nd Lieutenant and Captain with the 7th Service Battalion of the South Wales Borderers, indeed he was mentioned in despatches 3 times during his service career mainly in Salonika and received the Greek Order of the Redeemer from a grateful Hellenic Government, before finally being awarded the Military OBE by the British Government in 1919 upon leaving the army at the end of the war to rejoin MacAndrews & Forbes.
See all of Bernard Cadouxs medals here.

Whilst serving overseas with the company in Smyrna in about 1919 he met and married into the prestigous Holy Roman Empire Counts de Hochepied family, and Dutch Consuls there, Count Edmonds eldest daughter the Countess Marguerite Marie Elise Nathalie de Hochepied, and subsequently produced 2 daughters Yolande and Rosemary at their home in South Croydon, Surrey in England.

In his time overseas in the Levant, Bernard travelled extensively in and around Anatolia, Alexandretta, (now Iskundrun), Beyrouth, (now Beirut), Georgia and the Tigris and Euphrates areas of Syria, Baghdad and Iraq and some of his travels can be seen in his transcribed glass plates on his photos page. Later he climbed Mt Blanc and also walked from London to Brighton to list just a few of his many activities and achievements.

After retiring in December 1953 he was remembered by MacAndrews & Forbes for 50 years of service in a presentation,and a newspaper cutting, and by his late son-in-law Clifford Stride, as a heavy smoker, and so he died in 1956 at the age of 69.

UPDATE: December 2014, It would seem I might have been incorrect in believing that it was Bernard T Cadoux that was the author of all of the glass plate photos viewed on this website, because Herberts Obituary would suggest otherwise. I leave it to you dear reader to decide, but I am guessing that after Herberts death in 1906, Bernard took over the old wooden camera and continued to take more plates, after all Bernard would only have been 19 at the time and having only just started with M&F 2 years before as a clerk would, it would seem have been unlikely the company would have allowed him to go touring around the middle east until much later and unfortunately I think it now impossible to say which plates were taken by which brother, certainly the pictures in South Africa and Georgia would be from Herbert.

UPDATE: April 2015, After further research into some early Bailey/Cadoux photographs digital copies of which have been kindly sent to me by Mr Varel Bailey currently living in the USA and a descendant of the Maria Cadoux 1847-1923, it would appear that the families first photographer may have been Samuel Henry Cadoux 1845 - 1917, a Chemist and Drugist in Leicester and younger brother of William Henry Cadoux, Herbert and Bernards father. No doubt Herbert would have known and met him as he was only 26 years older and probably the inspiration for photography. All these photographs can be found here.

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