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Genealogy Database: Family Historian ver: 4.1.0
All code HTML/PHP/Javascript code written by Wallis Kidd unless noted.
All Pictures and Video filmed and edited by Wallis and Eve Kidd.
Genealogy compiled by Wallis Kidd with acknowledgements.

Refeference Books

HTML Programmers ref: Published by Wrox for HTML 4.01
Programming PHP: Published by O'Reilly 2nd Edition Covers PHP 5
CSS Cookbook: Published by O'Reilly Covers CSS 2.1
PHP and MySQL: Published by Peachpit Press 2nd Edition
Javascript for the WWW: Published by Peachpit Press 5th Edition
Javascript and Ajax: Published by Peachpit Press 6th Edition
JQuery in Action Published by Manning 2nd Edition
Explore Australia by Caravan: John and Jan Tait 2003 Edition


Camcorders: Sony HDR-FX7e / Panasonic NV-GS250
Microphone: Røde ntg-2 / Behringer C-1
Mic Mixer-PreAmp: Behringer Xenyx UB802
Computer: Dell Inspiron 580 Intel Core i3 cpu 3.2GHz, Windows 7
Computer: Samsung NP-NC10 Laptop


Video Editor: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum ver: 11.0
Video Special Effect: SwishMax
Genealogy Database: Family Historian 4.1.0
All Code Written Using; Notepad++ ver: 5.9.3
Code transcribed from .mov to mp4 with Handbrake 0.9.6 video encoder


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